The following sponsors support Matt Parry.

Sport Wales

"The Sport Wales Elite Cymru scheme is designed to give the very best sporting talent in Wales public support on their route to the top of their profession. Backed by the National Lottery, the scheme not only provides some limited financial help but also, in a few cases such as Matt’s, some additional science and medicine support. Matt is clearly a very talented young driver with the necessary fortitude and dedication required to succeed in the increasingly competitive world of international motorsport" - Brian Davies (High Performance Manager, Sport Wales Institute)

Pastoral Healthcare

"One might wonder why a mental health provider should seek to support a young man with his driving career, but the precision, detail and attention to excellence in anything you do in motorsport is reflected in our approach to the well-being of our patients, so we are wholly and completely aligned. This is the third year that we have been associated with Matt and have found that he is, even in his tender years, a consummate professional dedicated to his task. We applaud this and are pleased to continue supporting him" - John Shirreffs (Director of Commissioning)

Nicholson Jones Partnership

"I've followed Matt from the first time he got into a kart to watching him go through Eau Rouge at 200+ kph - and am delighted to be a part of his story" - Mike Catris (Managing Director)

Chessmann Consulting

"Matt is a wonderfully level-headed young man and I'm looking forward to being in the paddock several times this year. It's always a brilliant weekend and I'm very happy to be a part of it" - Lee Bishop (Managing Director)

Hi-Speed Tyres

"I'm glad I can make a contribution through my tyre business and am proud to be associated with Matt" - Brian Whitefoot

Construcciones Z . Sanchez

"Construcciones Z . Sanchez and its Solana Hills development are pleased to be associated with Matt in his first season of international single-seater racing. In the same way as we see our new Mediterranean properties on the Denia coast as a strong investment opportunity, so we view a sporting talent like Matt to be a worthwhile investment of our own and we wish him every success as he builds a career on the road to Formula One" - Dan Jeffs (managing director)

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