Getting a late call to join up with the MSA's elite Team UK squad for a weekend of fitness training in the beautiful Lake District sounded like too good an opportunity to miss, but little did Matt Parry know what he was letting himself in for!

MSA Academy member Matt has always taken his approach to fitness seriously, but could not have expected 36 hours of solid activity as he headed north to join some of the most promising British race drivers for a weekend of hiking, cycling and kayaking around the national park.

After a brief safety briefing that set out the plan for the hours ahead, Matt and his colleagues set out on a five-and-a-half hour hike that took them well into the dark of night. That was followed by two similar 'walks' over the next 24 hours, interspersed by a 30km kayak trip and six-hour mountain bike trail, with only a short time to catch their breath and ensure they had the right kit between activities.

Despite the extreme nature of the session, however, Matt insisted that it had proved a valuable addition to his preparation for the 2012 season.

"It really was too good an opportunity to turn down," he admitted, "It's not often you get the chance to do this sort of exercise, especially in these surroundings, and it was good to be able to show both the MSA and the other drivers what i was capable of.

"I've always kept myself fairly fit, so I was pleased to compare well to the others - and I know that word has got back to team bosses and people like the Racing Steps Foundation, who had several driver on the course. It was a hard weekend, and there was little time to appreciate the scenery, but I know that it can only do me good, and i'd love to get another opportunity to do it all again."

A brief video of some of Matt's weekend activities can be found in the archive on this site - simply CLICK HERE.


Article created by Craig Llewellyn.